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Muscles and Emotions

Have you ever thought about muscles and emotions?

The emotions we experience and hold onto can have a very real physical impact on our bodies.


Relating Muscles and Emotions

I have studied Applied Kinesiology as taught by the International College of Applied Kinesiology.

This system relates the neuromuscular function to the structural, chemical and neurological regulatory mechanisms. Which, simply put, relates the function of your muscles to structural balance (the physical functioning of your body, the skeletal and muscular systems), chemical balance (allergies, toxins, nutrition) and the mental / emotional.

Using this wonderful tool it is possible to determine the reason why a particular muscle is not able to function to its best.


Old or new?

Current issues: The emotions involved in the reduced function of muscles may be current stress and tensions in our lives. From dis-harmony in the home, workplace issues, a recent injury or traumatic event.

Past events: The body can hold on to the emotions when we have a traumatic event in our lives. I have had many clients with PTSD, with childhood trauma, physical and sexual abuse, previous violent relationships and major accidents / injuries. They may have had counselling and managed to package up the event, learn coping strategies and be functioning well in life. However, their body continues to tell the story of the emotions that are trapped.

Past lives: It is said we also carry the emotional memories of events in past lives.This has been the issue that has come up for quite a number of my clients.


Let’s consider back and hip pain.

If the main supporting muscles are not able to function correctly you are prone to injury, pain, stiffness and tension. You could liken your body to a tent.. where the guide ropes are all out of whack, one too tight, another to loose.. the tent will become crooked, and out of shape, and may even collapse.

This is basically what happens to your body; it becomes crooked and out of line, is prone to injury where the spine and joints are not supported, and to muscle tension, spasm and pain.

Here are some examples of particular muscles and emotions that affect them.


Fear, anxiety, shock, trauma

These all relate to the kidney meridian / energy line.

They will ultimately affect the psoas muscle, the big core muscle that connects the lower (lumbar) back to the thigh bone (femur), or the tenderloin in a  beef cow. Tension and weakness here will create tightness and possible pain in your low back and leave you prone to injury.


Loss, sadness, loneliness, grief

These relate to the large intestine meridian, and as such will affect the following muscles:

Hamstrings, the muscles down the back of your leg, from your pelvis (butt) to your knee

Quadratus lumborum connects your lower (lumbar) back and bottom rib to the top of your pelvis.

All of these support the back, the hips and the knees.


Insecurity, betrayal, abandonment, lost, vulnerable

These affect the heart, and the pericardium meridian, along with the small intestine, and are associated with the biggest muscle group in the body, the gluteals, our butt muscles.

And with the Quadriceps, the big muscle group down the front of your thigh.

It is clear that they have a big role to play in supporting us in an upright position.


This is just a sample of the emotions and the muscles that can be affected. There are other, powerful emotions which I have not considered here, including guilt, shame, anger etc. Come see me today and find out more.


How do we deal with these emotions?

We do not need to know where these emotions come from, only to acknowledge them and to work to release them, replacing them with those more positive.

This can be done through Energy healing, Reiki or or a number of other emotional release techniques such as tapping. Hypnotherapy, talk therapy or counselling may also be helpful, however, it is not always as effective in releasing emotions stuck in the body.


Book with me and find out how your muscles and emotions are connected. Discover how we can resolve pain, tension, and stiffness, along with the emotions you carry. Live life to the full!