Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing

Energy Myths - Wolf Healing Ottawa

What is Energy?

Energy is not some mystical, magical element. Science shows that it exists all around us; energy and matter are interchangeable and that everything is connected energetically.

Science also shows that the human body clearly has an energetic component. It is possible to produce an image of the body’s aura, and to scientifically identify acupuncture points, however we do not currently have the science to show what these points are or what they do.
When brain and heart activity are monitored it is the electrical impulses that are detected.

There are many healing approaches worldwide that address imbalance or blockages in our energy, many of which are very ancient. These include Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Shamanism, Eastern Tantra, Pranic Healing, Angel Healing, the Laying on of Hands and many more.

One thing that all of these systems have in common is the belief that disruption in the energy in our bodies will lead to physiological, neurological and emotional dysfunction and ultimately disease.

Using Energy to Heal

Whichever approach is used by the healer the intention is the same; they will seek to bring balance and flow, to release stagnant or congested energy, to channel energy into areas that are deficient and to assist with letting go of any trapped emotions which are interfering with correct balance.

When channeling energy, the healer is tapping into the universal energy that is all around us. Depending on the approach they may consider this energy to be from Mother Earth, from the Father, from God, the Angels, the Source, the One or the Light. Or they may have another name for it.

There have been many scientific studies that show the healer is measurably affecting energy when a healing is taking place.
The book “The energy healing experiments” by Dr Gary Schwartz details some of these studies.