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Simple Ways to Sleep Better

There are so many things going on in our lives these days, we are constantly busy, rushing around, keeping “to do lists” in our heads and generally racing through life at 100 miles an hour that we all need simple ways to sleep better.

It doesn’t help that we are constantly pressured by others, and that we feel guilty if we do take a little time for ourselves. The thing we often lose sight of is that unless we look after ourselves we cannot be there for everyone else.

Simple Ways to Sleep Better

Often, we cannot change our lives – kids still have to be taken to hockey games, meals have to be prepared, and work places all sorts of demands on us, add to that the need to fit some exercise in somewhere and that makes for a full day every day.

If we want to improve our sleep, we need to allow our minds to slow down, and to be restful. The only way most of us will ever get the time to unwind and slow down a little is if we schedule it into our days. Just 20 – 30min can make a world of difference.


Try getting up 20minutes early, before anyone else, practice being still and quiet. Enjoy the sound of the silence..

During the day

Allow yourself to take lunch, get out of the office, go for a walk, or to a coffee shop, or, even better, sit outside in a park or by the canal. Breathe, watch the world go by and actually taste your lunch.

In the evening

Schedule some me time before bed. Turn off the electronic devices, dim the lights, be quiet and still, maybe listen to music or have a bath.

Meditation – try a mindfulness practice – even 10minutes in the morning and at night can bring real improvements in your sleep.

One simple way to be more mindful is to use your own breathing. This could be done in bed, when you wake up, or sitting in a chair before you go to bed at night.

Focus on your breathing, just watch and notice whether you breath only in your upper chest or lower down, and how long it takes for each breath in and out.

Then slow the breath down, count the breath in and count it out, make sure that the in is as long as the out and that you breathe all the way down into your belly, not just into your ribs. If your mind wanders, simply bring the focus back to the breathing – the more you practice, the easier it gets.



This can really help wth stress and tension. Try to get some mild to moderate exercise most days. It does not have to be an intense work out at the gym, just going for a walk for 20-30minutes will help. Avoid high intensity exercise in the evening as it can take a while for your body to slow down and prepare for sleep. Try to plan any serious workouts for morning or lunchtime and something slower and more relaxing such as a walk in the evening.


Some therapies that can help:

Massage – regular sessions relax your body, lower blood pressure and provide you with time dedicated just to YOU.

Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing will also calm the body, release emotions and stress and bring a deep sense of calm. So often we are stuck in our heads, with our busy minds – be more grounded and connected to the rest of your body.

Acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology all balance the whole body, improving circulation, and lowering stress levels.

Book yourself for a session every few weeks, or as often as you can afford. Health plans usually cover some of these therapies, but if not its worth investing in yourself!


And finally..

Remember, there is no judgement and no guilt if you cannot commit to a regular time to slow down.. whatever you manage to fit in, however little or irregular, it is all better than nothing!