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Fatigue and Stress: Resolving the Stress

I want to look at the issue of Fatigue and Stress, and ways we can resolve that stress.

Are you always tired? With no obvious reason to be tired? Ever wondered if your emotions are triggering your fatigue?

Or perhaps you know that you have experienced some emotional trauma in your life and that it still weighs you down?


Past Traumas

If you know you experienced trauma in the past perhaps its time to take steps to deal with it?

Just having someone to talk to can be enough. There are many Counsellors and Psychotherapists out there. Look for one that draws you and feels a good fit. You may need to meet with a few to find the one that suits your needs.

Reiki and Energy Healing can help release those traumas from the body.

Hypnotherapy also works with the subconscious, releasing the emotions and replacing them with something more positive.

Another option is Emotional Blueprint Coaching. A unique combination of reflexology and counselling / visualisation / journeying it will also release the negative emotions and replace them with those that are more positive.


The NOW Stuff

A certain amount of stress and pressure can be invigorating. It stimulates adrenalin, increasing focus, physical ability and energy. However, long term or excessive stress will lead to exhaustion and an inability to ‘see the light at the end of the tunnel’.

Our daily lives have become more and more stressful and demanding, we are set huge expectations and given no time for ourselves. We don’t always get enough sleep or take time to eat well or to honour our own needs.

And if we do allow ourselves some “me time” in which to destress and breathe, to do that something just for ourselves, then we feel guilty because we ‘should’ be doing something else…

Does this sound familiar in your life? Could you be affected by Fatigue and Stress? If so its time to start make changes…


So.. Where to Start to Address Your Fatigue and Stress?

Start small, with just one thing at a time. Work up to the bigger things and make sure to tell yourself you deserve to look after yourself. If we do not nurture ourselves we will end up unable to nurture anyone else..

Some examples of small steps you could consider are:

  • Go to bed at a reasonable time. If you are concerned about not having ‘done everything’ then take a step back and ask “Do I really need to do that now? Can it wait till tomorrow?”


  • Schedule time for yourself each day.  Put it in your daily agenda and stick to it. Whether you sit for 10 minutes with your coffee, have a bath, read a book, listen to music, go for a walk or call a friend for a chat.


  • Make time for lunch, just 15minutes is a good beginning. Put away work, leave your desk, turn off your phone, perhaps go outside.. disconnect and take time out of your day to focus on the food and enjoy every mouthful.


  • Find an activity you like and commit to it…. Walking, a reading group, singing, sewing, meditating, playing sports or going to yoga are just some examples. Being with other people can be great for the soul too.


  • Schedule a treat for yourself. Maybe you like massage, reflexology or reiki. Or would like to get a manicure?


And finally – ask for help – this is something we often find so hard to do. There is no shame in saying “I am overwhelmed, I cannot do all this on my own”.

It is not a failure, it is what we, as human beings, need to do. Your family and friends are there to support you as you support them, we all have limitations and sharing a task can be beneficial to everyone involved.


And remember..


Society has too much blame, shame and guilt.. We all have the right to enjoy our lives, to do what brings pleasure and to not feel guilty about doing so. We can only be there for others if we nurture ourselves first.


Find pleasure and joy in your life and let fatigue be a thing of the past!