Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing

What Happens?

During a Reiki, Chakra Balancing or Energy Healing session you remain fully clothed, and lie on a comfortable massage table, with a soft blanket over you if needed. If this is not comfortable you can recline or sit in a chair.

My whole purpose and intention is to facilitate anything that you need at the time, it is not about me “doing something to you”.

I place my hands lightly on your shoulders or your feet and invite your body to connect.

I do not have any set procedure or protocol for sessions, I will simply be guided by what I intuitively feel is needed by you at that time. This may or may not be the issue you had hoped to address, but will be that which will serve your highest good at the time.

During the session, my hands may be lightly on your body, or held just above you; they may remain still or move, and I may cover one or many areas of your body. If you prefer not to be contacted, please let me know.

Where energy is low, or deficient, I offer energy to you, I assist with the release of trapped emotions, with balancing the energy within your body and bringing flow where energy is stuck or blocked.  

What will you feel?

You may experience sensations of energy moving including tingling, heat, cold, fizzing and shivers. When emotional releases take place you may want to cry, laugh, cough, yawn or sigh. Some people feel a lot, some feel less and some simply go to sleep.

After a session

I have had clients report that they felt lighter, happier. Some feel energized, some feel tired. You need to respect this and if possible take a nap.

You may feel ‘off balance’ physically or emotionally, especially in the first 24hours. A strong reaction to the session is possible but not common.

Over the next few days or week you may notice subtle or not so subtle changes in mood, energy levels, reactivity to events and to those around you. Some people also experience dreams and memories.

Be kind to yourself, do not judge anything that comes up, simply be curious and observe the changes.

How many sessions will you need?

You may experience noticeable changes after just one session, or they may be more gradual. Some people need to return frequently; others need time between sessions. I will advise you at the end of the session as to how soon you should return.

For most people a series of sessions is required to achieve the optimum result; however, these can be taken at your own pace.