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Can Emotions Affect Joint Pain?

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There can of course be many physical reasons for joint pain, including injuries and auto-immune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. But have you ever considered that emotions affect joint pain?

As an Energy Healer I work with numerous clients, and many of them complain of pain. This can be joint, back, hips, feet or anywhere else in the body…

How Do Emotions Affect Joint Pain?

The Physical Impact

On physical level if you are stressed, angry or upset your posture will be affected and your muscles become tense. For people who already have an underlying joint injury, or damage from arthritis, these physical changes leave the injured area unsupported causing pain to be increased.

Histamine and Inflammation

In addition, emotions affect joint pain on a chemical level within the body. The emotions increase histamine (inflammation). For anyone whose joints are already compromised this can really aggravate symptoms such as pain, heat and swelling.

Dr Jonega writes about emotions and their impact on histamine.

So, yes, emotions affect joint pain on a physical, chemical level.

Which Emotions Affect Joint Pain on the Energetic Level?

That’s easy, all negative emotions can adversely affect your joints.

For example, anxiety, fear, shock, trauma are associated with the kidney meridian. They are also associated with the root chakra. When we experience these emotions the resulting blockages can cause low back and hip pain. In addition, the need to “protect” can leave you with tight, inflexible hips. 

Here are some other examples:


So shoulders, elbows, hands. These can be linked to a need to reach out, to either ask for help for yourself, or to offer help to someone else. If you have pain in your arms take a moment to connect and see if you feel this may apply to you.

A few years ago I came across this on a personal level. I developed tennis elbow for no apparent reason.

The next time I visited my healer I complained of this and she pointed out the reason. Someone close to me was seriously ill and I was in no position to do anything to help them. My desire to reach out and help was getting stuck in my elbow.. She recommended that I bring them into every healing session I did and include them in the healing. In addition to take some time to bring them some distance healing.

My elbow completely cleared up after a few days. I still find this spooky despite what I do!


Hips, knees, ankles, feet. Are you stuck, unable, unwilling or apprehensive about going forward? Afraid to take the next step?


For someone who carries the weight of the world, in a position where everything falls onto them, it can mean sore, tight shoulders. As if you are literally carrying a burden.


This often relates to finding your voice. Many of us have been brought up unable to really express who we are, our needs and to be heard. Finding your voice will often resolve neck pain and along with it some headaches.

Where Do The Emotions Come From?

It can be ‘now stuff’ in our lives, or from past events, genetic memories (our parents, grandparents etc) or even soul memories. Sometimes it is clear, other times we have no idea..

For sure our upbringing will have an impact. I see so many clients where they have tried to be the “good child”, conform to parent’s expectations. This continues with being a good spouse, employee and then parent… there is never a time to find out who they are and to learn to express their true self and needs.

In addition, events in our lives play a part.  Witnessing or being a part of a traumatic experience at school, university, a bad relationship etc can all impact the emotions we carry.

In the case of genetic memories and soul memories we all carry these and they can be triggered so that our body remembers trauma from a previous generations and lives. 

It is not important to know where the emotion originates, it is enough to identify it and allow it to be released, to be replaced by something more positive.

So How Do We Resolve These Emotions?

For the ‘now stuff’ Meditation and Mindfulness play a part. Allowing the mind to be calmer, for us to become less reactive and better able to deal with day to day stresses and events.

To resolve those deeper emotions, from traumatic events in our lives, the genetic memories, the soul memories we need to utilize other methods.

CBT (Cognitive behavioural Therapy) can help, along with EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping), as can Hypnosis.

You may also wish to seek help from  Shamanic Healer, or a practitioner who uses Energy Healing such as Reiki or Pranic Healing.

In choosing your approach be mindful of the fact that most of us will benefit from a team of healers and techniques.

Allow yourself to be guided by your intuition. Even if it does not make rational sense, go to the person or pursue the technique that really calls to you at that time. You may see one person for a while then go to someone else, and perhaps come back to the first person. 

Healing and resolving the emotions we carry is a process, a very fluid process with no rules, it takes as long as is needed and every one of us is different. We can take a break at any time. Do not compare yourself to others, and above all Enjoy the Journey!