Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing

Sue Taylor - Energy Healer and Reiki Practitioner - Wolf Healing Ottawa

Sue Taylor's Approach to Energy Healing

I use an intuitive approach to healing which combines Reiki, Chakra Balancing and various types of Energy Healing. I do not have any set plan or protocol, instead, I simply “ask” your body what it needs today.

My intention is always to facilitate whatever you need, whether it is the release of stagnant energy and emotions, bringing balance and harmony, or channeling energy to address any deficiency. Through the hands on healing I also provide emotional support, deep relaxation and grounding.

My Journey

Since childhood I have been interested in energy, psychic powers and the spiritual world along with the healing arts. My parents are both in the medical field, but I was not drawn to follow them. Animals have always been close to my heart, and as a child my ideal job would have been as a vet.

I completed a Bachelor of Science degree and then spent a few years pursuing my passion working with horses. I gained a basic instructor’s qualification and had great fun competing.

In 1990, I became a front-line police officer in London, UK. This included ceremonial duties, Hyde Park demonstrations, marches and rallies, and 6 years on mounted horse patrol. As you can imagine, it taught me a whole lot about life!

Then, in 2005, I was diagnosed with cancer. A real wake-up call, but honestly, the best thing that ever happened to me! It changed my whole outlook on life and set me on a path of discovery, growth and self-development. I am still pursuing that path and will always be doing so.

I met the diagnosis with the mind set of “What do I need to learn here?” It did not trigger fear or anger, just a desire to deal with my “stuff”..

I made a decision to leave the police, it was time to follow my heart and begin my journey in the healing arts.


Discovering Healing

In 2004 I completed a Holistic Massage course and a NAET Allergy Therapy course. I continue to offer Natural Allergy Therapy, based on the NAET system, for diagnosing and eliminating allergic reactions to foods, environmental triggers, electromagnetic frequencies and weather patterns. (More information on Allergy Therapy can be found here)

I retired from the police in 2006 and continued to offer massage and Allergy Therapy until we came to Canada in 2009.

Then, in 2010 I was introduced to Roger, a Shamanic healer and teacher of the Eastern Tantra (a whole philosophy and way of life). I knew I had found my calling. It was as if he had opened a door onto a whole other world, one which I was eager to discover. My exploration of Energy Healing really began.

I am grateful to have been mentored by Roger since 2010, and continue to spend time with him, both for my own healing and for learning.

I have also attended training with Adele Stratton of the Phoenix Rising Healing Centre and achieved Reiki Level 3 with Kathy Glover Scott of Reiki Ottawa. Most recently, I am honoured to be working with a First Nations Healer and Elder.

My healing journey will never end, the further I go along that path, the more I realize there is always room for improvement and growth. It is an exciting, inspiring and very humbling journey.


Other Interests

I live in the country with my husband and rescue cats. We enjoy good food, friends, music, the outdoors, and being active. I practice the wonderful art of dressage with my horses, Dragoon and Kenzie, and whenever possible downhill skiing and hiking.