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Discovering the Link Between Fatigue and Trauma


Did you know there is a strong link between Fatigue and Trauma?

As a reiki practitioner and energy healer I see many people who have emotional memories in their bodies from past traumas. Those emotions can be from physical, sexual and emotional traumas that they have experienced during their life, from their parents lives (genetic memories) and, some believe, from past life experiences.

Whatever your belief system, or the origin of those emotions, they can become lodged anywhere in our bodies, cause a disruption in our energy and lead to physical dysfunction.

They weigh us down, and can trigger many issues including aches and pains, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and often fatigue. They sit like a heaviness inside us, creating lethargy and despondence and an inability to live life with the joy we deserve.

The first, most important step, to resolving this fatigue is to acknowledge the the link between Fatigue and Trauma. We are often afraid to admit to weakness and expose our vulnerabilities. Many of us would rather seek a physical reason as it is more comfortable to deal with that.

Meet Bill

Discovering the link between Fatigue and Trauma was eye opening and the first step to healing for Bill.

At 41 years old he came to me suffering unrelenting fatigue, pressure and pain in his chest, palpitations and digestive issues. Up until a year before he had been fit and healthy.

Despite extensive testing, the medical profession could find no reason for his symptoms. His work and family life were suffering and he was desperate to find some relief.

A friend who had been to see me recommended he ‘give Reiki and Energy Healing a try’. He was very skeptical, but desperate for relief so willing to see if I could help.

I found that he carried a huge amount of sadness and grief, along with some fear. This was mostly sitting in his chest, heart and large intestine. He said that his life had been great; loving parents, no major traumas or events that he could remember.

I then asked him about his parents. He told me that his aunt had died of a terminal illness a couple of months before his birth. His mother had nursed her for several months before she died, and during the earlier part of her pregnancy. He said she had never really got over the death.

He also said that not long before his health declined their child’s pet rabbit had died. Of course this was a sad day, however, it caused an exceptional amount of grief in him totally out of proportion to the actual event. He said he couldn’t understand why he had reacted so strongly.

This does, however, make sense to me… he was carrying his mother’s fear and grief, which he had soaked up whilst in utero. The death of the rabbit had then triggered that memory in his body, causing an excessive reaction. He was still living in that memory.

Over several sessions we worked to release that fear and grief. Bill gradually felt lighter, felt the joy coming back into the world. His fatigued lifted, his mood changed and his digestion slowly returned to normal. He no longer has palpitations or the pressure and pain in his chest.

He still comes to see me once in a while ‘for fine tuning’ as he puts it, to address life’s everyday stresses.


And, finally..

We all carry emotions relating to memories that are our own or our ancestors..

At times these memories are triggered, and brought to the forefront. Finding ways to release and resolve the emotions associated with these memories can greatly enhance our quality of life, and ultimately our overall health and well-being. We cannot change what happened in the past, but we can let go of the emotions and file those memories away in the filing cabinet that is our history.

Do you know someone like Bill?

Reiki and Energy healing or other types of Energy Medicine may be just what they need!